Jul 2, 2005

USS Nimitz Visits Malaysia

Auspiciously coinciding with the grand opening of "Danny's All-American Gourmet Hotdogs", the United States aircraft carrier USS Nimitz arrived at Westport, here in Kuala Lumpur Thursday for its maiden call in Malaysia, the first nuclear-powered vessel to dock in Malaysian waters.

Ya'll are all invited down!! If you know anyone aboard the USS Nimitz tell them to come on down to Hartamas Square in Sri Hartamas for some down home real authentic Texas cooking and Ice Cold beers!!

It is really a huge honor and a pleasure to be able to serve our troops hot dogs on the 4th of July - I really feel blessed. I hope of lot of them show up because I cooked up a few extra pots of chili and BBQ sauce.

We are open from 6pm until late!

The only thing missing is nachos and we have Kraft Foods to blame for that!

Hope to have lots of pictures soon!

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