Dec 22, 2005

World's Best Chili Dog

There used to be a time when one would have to travel to the United States for a good hot dog. No more.

The reviews for "Danny's All-American Gourmet Hot Dogs" keep coming. Here is the latest, published recently in Malaysia's Sunday Mail in a full page review.

"...while the piece de resistance of the collection of about eight different types, the Chilli Dog, is bar none the best I’ve ever had – wherever..." - read more here

We think the world's best chili dog is the "Texas Chili Dog" at Danny's in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To be honest Im really surprised at the audacity of Pink's of Hollywood to make such a claim when they received such a terrible rating on the website Hot Dog Spot as well as at Chowhounds.

Come by Danny's and try the "Texas Chili Dog" or the "Nacho Chili Cheese Dog" and we think you will agree that Danny's has the "World's Best Chili Dog"

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