Dec 24, 2005

Iraqis Visit Danny's Hot Dogs

It was a great pleasure to have the Iraqi delegation led by Mr. Omar Al Alwan of the Iraqi International Chamber of Commerce & Industry stop by 'Danny's All-American Gourmet Hot Dogs' for supper during their trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Over sumptuous spread of chili dogs and chili con queso was a wonderful refreshing two hour discussion regarding the current situation in Iraq.

The situation in Iraq is one of hope and not one of despair as the much of the mainstream media and America's Democrat politicians seem endlessly intent on portraying, something to the deep dismay of the group who are desperately eager to rebuild their country.

Sadly the greatest enemies of Iraq besides the Iraqi Baathists who have taken refuge in Syria are the mainstream media, America's leftist politicians and the political chameleons and doomsayers whom have left many of the ordinary Iraqis with a feeling of despair that their newly won freedom is completely dependent on the political climate in America.

The Iraqis love and respect President Bush and are grateful the American people for their freedom. Their concern is that America is not united in seeing Iraq's success. American politicans frothing at the mouth and using Iraq's stability as a political platform to denigrate everything connected to the Bush administration is troubling to the ordinary Iraqi citizens and leaves them unstable in a state of limbo because it emboldens the Baathists who are intent on seeing America "cut and run".

Besides politics we had a great discussion on pompatus of hot dogs and chili con carne.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Baker J. I AL-Khafaji who implored the entire delegation to stop back the next night for take-away orders so that he could get some more of "that same hot dog I had last night with Texas chili"

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