Jan 5, 2006

The Retreat of Reason

"I loathe and despise political correctness; basically because it is a lie. It is a lie because it purports to be one thing while being the opposite. It began as a philosophy begging for greater tolerance and no right-minded person could object to that. Tolerance of other people, of minorities, of different appearances, habits and views is the angel dust that marks the difference between a barbaric and a civilised society. But political correctness has changed. From its original plea for tolerance of variables in what Malraux called ‘the human condition’, it soon began to adopt a conviction of rigid self-righteousness. Long since, it has developed into a new and intolerant bigotry, the very thing it was supposed to oppose. Political Correctness now tolerates no dissent from its grinding uniformity, from its party-line-toeing orthodoxy. It smacks of Orwell’s 1984, or former East Germany; it has become the new fascism."

Anthony Browne writes that - "The most worrying aspect of political correctness is its success in stifling opposing beliefs. At its most basic, the censorship is self-imposed. Political correctness succeeds by attaching a sense of moral superiority to itself, and a sense of shame to opposing beliefs. This sense of shame becomes internalised, so that people feel ashamed if they publicly state politically incorrect beliefs, even if they believe them. Likewise, people feel morally superior opposing political incorrectness, and so feel righteousness in trying to silence the politically incorrect. While the politically incorrect preface themselves with: ‘I know I shouldn’t say this, but...’, the politically correct respond: ‘You shouldn’t say that!’ The politically correct enforce the censorship with powerfully silencing accusations of ‘bigotry’, ‘homophobia’, ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’. They are widely inappropriately applied, because the aim is not an accurate analysis, but merely to silence opposing views."

What has the world come to when members of the public, academics, journalists and recently bloggers are afraid of thinking certain thoughts? People are vilified if they publicly diverge from accepted beliefs, sacked or even investigated by police for crimes against received wisdom. Whole areas of debate have been closed down by the crushing dominance of the moralistic ideology of political correctness.

Is it so much a leap of logic to wonder when the time will come that those who continue to resist will be forced to drink hemlock?

"Shake off all the fears and servile prejudices under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion."

Thomas Jefferson, 1787

How is it that we as Americans can speak the words of Jefferson and yet blindly embrace the ideas of Nietzsche? Where are the thinkers of today, the ones who ask themselves once again "What is man?" Is it the nature of man that we would willingly choose the chains of intellectual slavery over freedom and equality?

It was reason that once led us to enlightenment and it will be "political correctness" accompanied by it's enforcer "tolerance" that will ultimately lead us to slavery and death.

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