Dec 25, 2005

Multiculturalism versus Freedom

In the last few years both multiculturism and diversity have been all the rage in America, a deceptive ideology of "tolerance" peddled by America's whiffle-brained leftists and Lenin-loving Democrats.

This ongoing orgy of multiculturism and diversity at the expense of assimilation, equal rights and integration in the United States has given birth to Orwellian concepts like "corporate sensitivity training classes", and have led us to an era where our freedom is kept in check through the advent and implementation of both "thought and hate" crimes.

If you needed any proof that both multiculturism and diversity are in actuality nothing more than a pernicious form of relativism that culminates ironically into a new form of intolerance, an intolerance to both freedom and democracy, then you need to look no farther than the following thread of a Malaysian blogger "KennySia" who's post poking fun at political correctness in the United States backfired in a way he might not have ever imagined.

The thread starts off innocuous enough but then degenerates quite rapidly as the usual suspects in a multicultural and diverse society chime in, the appeasers, defenders, enforcers, reporters and of course, the offended victim or victims. In a post that follows entitled "Tolerance", Kenny then bravely attempts to explain his position, hoping that it might sooth and perhaps appease the supposed indignity of his adversaries. Only time will tell.

Many in the West in recent years have been enamoured and envious of the social stabilty and economic growth rates exhibited by countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore. Multiculturism and diversity here are often heralded as the primary catalyst for development, growth and ingenuity both here and abroad. What many in the West fail to understand that is that this perceived utopian society that many in the West wish to emulate would never function without the authoritative measures needed to constantly behind the scenes defuse all the ethnic and religious timebombs present in such a multicultural society.

To maintain order and to ensure steady economic growth, stability both social and political, many are seemingly willing to initially forgo civil liberties in return for safetly and stability. It is the safety and security of the nation that comes first before the individual. Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore prize stability and consensus while at the same time eschewing what they see as Western-style democracy which they claim has an emphasis on political conflict and debate.

Failing to the address the destructive doctrine of multiculturism and diversity in our own society, will eventually lead to our own demise and yet we continue to chart our own destiny.

A culture that values freedom and reason is good; one that values oppression, self-censorship and ignorance is not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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