Apr 11, 2006

The Global Rise of Ochlocracy

With angry mobs forcing the recent ouster of Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and prompting France's pathetic and predictable surrender unto themselves one might be left to ask what has become of Democracy and what will become of countries like Thailand and France.

The future is bleak for Thailand now. Only today the Thai military has now strongly suggested that all "political" protests be moderated by the Thailand's military forces something that has not taken place since 1992. Our sources have indicated to us that Thailand's military will in fact be intervening soon. Needless to say, the other countries in the region now find themselves deeply concerned with these developments.

In his book The Histories, the Greek historian Polybius coined to the term Ochlocracy, what Plato had described as "Bad Democracy" or the degeneration of Democracy.

The rise of mob-rule and the degeneration of Democracy globally is something that should not only concern us, but it should be something that we must act upon to 'nip it in the bud' and do what we must to prevent any further degeneration.

As the light of Democracy slowly begins to fade in Southeast Asia, the question we are left with at this time is "What will become of the protests with regards to the illegal immigrants in the United States?"

Will Americans allow themselves to be intimidated by the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants into altering the domestic and foreign policy of the United States?

Regardless of their numbers or the influence they wield, what message are you sending when you allow a group of dissidents to either remove an elected leader (in the case of Thailand) or dictate either the domestic or foreign policy of a country?

There are dark uncertain days ahead for Democracy and these tough days ahead will ultimately determine the path America has chosen.

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