Apr 11, 2006

The Invasion of America

The phrase "illegal immigrant" is nothing more than a euphemism for those who are in actuality nothing more than the participants of an illegal invasion.

If I rob a bank of it's money to feed my family, invest in the stock market or for that matter start my own business would I be called an "illegal entrepreneur" or would I be called a criminal?

And what if 10 million Americans decide tomorrow that they all want to rob a bank? Should they be given amnesty simply because of their sheer numbers?

There is no nobility in breaking the law. Not now or ever. Poverty has never been an excuse to break the law.

The only reason why this has become such a problem and is being debated has nothing to do with the crime. It's due to the sheer numbers of criminals or "illegal immigrants" who have invaded our country and the endless lobbying of those who benefit at the expense and safety of everyone else.

The solution to the problem is not rewarding criminal behaviour with any sort of amnesty or a guest worker program. The solution demands nothing more than the hard resolve of the American people. And it is simple.

Illegal immigrants regardless of their numbers should be all be deported... case closed. There is really nothing to discuss or debate about it. It is an open and shut case.

A Snickers bar and a bus ticket to Tijuana with the bill being sent to Vincente Fox. All American companies that hire illegal immigrants should be be fined punitively and severely so that to discourage those who enter our country illegally.

Simply put, if there are no jobs for illegal immigrants then there would be no illegal immigrants.

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