Jun 9, 2006

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Dead?

While Iraqis might be celebrating the death of al-Zarqawi and his death reportably being praised around the world, the reality over here seems quite different from what is being reported in much of the Western media.

The initial reaction from Southeast Asia this morning seems a bit tempered with many of the local population not even being aware of the news reporting his death.

Much of the local population relies on print and televison for their news with the internet penetration rates still well below that of the West.

Zarqawi's death is hardly making any headline news over here. This morning I picked up a copy of the local language newspaper and finally found the al-Zarqawi news buried back on page 30. Many of the locals I asked this morning were completely unaware of the news.

I would not have know about al-Zarqawi's death myself yesterday if it had not been for a fellow American friend I was speaking to on the phone informed me of the confirmation of al-Zarqawi's death shortly after it happened.

It will take a few days still for the news and circumstances regarding al-Zarqawi's death to be disseminated throughout much of the Muslim world . The news needs to be digested still before it can later be regurgitated along with the requisite editorializing and extrapolation sadly with many of the talking points being provided by our adversary's sympathizers and supporters.

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