Jun 12, 2006

Ann Coulter Speaks For Me

In a recent diatribe on the House floor, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) chastises Republican congressmen and asks if Ann Coulter speaks for them. Not one person spoke out.

Like many of his fellow Democrats, Rep. Rahm Emanuel went on to accuse Ann Coulter of being a "hatemonger". Take careful note of the words used to describe Ann Coulter by her outspoken adversaries, because they have special meaning.

Words like "hate" and "bigotry", often missused and many times holding no relevance are the recent buzzwords in today's politically correct society. Accusing someone of "hate" or "bigotry" is the modus operandi of America's so-called Democrats. Their intention is plain, simple and above all unconstitutional, to silence speech that they disagree with.

Ann Coulter brought to light an important issue for public debate, her scorn and ridicule was directed at four women from New Jersey who have shamelessly used their husband's coffins in what they thought were "iron soapboxes" to enter the political arena and level ridicule at the current administration. Leave it to Ann Coulter to kick their soapboxes out from underneath them.

This brings light to another issue, and that is that America's Democrats have shamefully made it a habit in the last few years of "13th stepping" grieving widows at every opportunity thinking somehow that these grieving widows were untouchable due to the fact that no one would dare challenge a person who has suffered a grievious loss even if even if this person later chooses to enter the political arena.

Regardless of how they were delivered or whether they were filled with hate, scorn or contept, Ann Coulter's comments were constitutional and contribute greatly to the free interchange of ideas and the ascertainment of truth.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel's tinyfisted tirade on the House floor proclaiming that; “The hate she spews is the same kind of hatred we're battling in the war on terror.” just goes to show how little this US Congressman knows about our country, what we stand for , what our forefathers and our brave soldiers today were and are willing to give their lives for.

Shame on you Rahm Emanuel.

Ann Coulter speaks for me.

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