Feb 6, 2007

Fueling the Fires of Fascism With Lies

To strive for a solution that will "permanently end war" is definately a noble cause. Logic would seem to dictate that a world without war would infact be a world filled with peace. But peace is not what seems to unite the participants of Malaysia's peace conference.

What seems to unite the participants of the conference is nothing more than a deed-seated hostility for Western civilization, primarily the United States and Great Britain who are accused of the being the source of all the world's woes.

"Alternative thinking" is not welcome here and any attempts to point out the duplicity of many of the arguements and the subject is quickly reprimanded and reminded that America and the "Bush Cabal" represent nothing more than the amalgamation of oppression, exploitation and ignominy throughout the world.

To see this sociopsychological phenomenon firsthand is both bewildering and frightening. It is almost as if the mass hysteria can be physically felt in the air. I find myself completely dumfounded by the the duplicitous disposition of so many of the participants and yet the climax of this "hate fest" is yet to come.

Enter Ali Shalal Qaissi who despite being a proven pathological liar is determined to fuel the fire with his vivid descriptions of torture at the hands of the American soldiers.

Ali Shalal goes into great detail explaining how other detainees were tortured by the American soldiers with lighted cigarettes and injected with hallucinogens.

Then Ali Shalal describes his own torture at the hands of his American captors:

"He said the next morning he was asked the names of resistance fighters in Iraq and when he replied that he did not know any, they inserted a jagged wooden stick into his rectum, followed by the barrel of a rifle, which caused him to bleed profusely...[sic]"

"The next morning the interrogator came to my cell and tied me to the grille of the cell and then played the pop song 'By the Rivers of Babylon' continuously until the next morning. The effect on me was that I lost my hearing and lost my mind...[sic]"

"...the former lecturer said he was forcefully placed on top of a carton box containing canned food, had wires connected to his fingers and ordered to stretch his hand out horizontally, and the electricity was switched on."As the electric current entered my whole body, I felt as if my eyes were being forced out and sparks were flying out...[sic]"

"Believe me, what I told you is a drop in the ocean (compared to) what is happening in Iraq,'' Qaissi said, urging the activists to take "the first step to defend the Iraqi people.''

The audience at this conference gave Ali Shalal Qaissi a standing ovation.


  1. You can be sure that self-loathing Americans like Michael Moore (spit) and traitors like the New York Times would take every word he says as gospel. Sadly some of America's worst enemies live within her borders.

  2. LHM,
    I'd like to discuss your articles on the background of Obama with you. Unable to find an email link I'd ask you to contact me directly at


    Gerard Van der Leun
    Editor in Chief
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  3. There`s more of those itinerant arab storytellers here:

  4. Shawn9:19 PM

    Gospel? heh.

    The misinformation here is so bad I dont bother with the news. Biased through the prisms and controls put in place.

    If you say over and over something is a certain way folks will believe it. The anti-Bush American hating types will look for anything supporting their already made views. Ali Shalal is a good example.

    Why else would so many be ready to think US troops are so bad? Critics from lands full of corruption should pause before speaking.

    Anecdotal evidence shouldn't be relied upon but if you are going to take Shalal's word for anything you gotta accept others word that our guys for the most part are good folk. What does it mean though when Shalal is full of it?


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