Feb 5, 2007

Bush To Be Tried at War Crimes Tribunal

Malaysia's Perdana Global Peace Organisation conference and exhibition entitled "Expose War Crimes : Criminalize War" kicked off today at the Putra World Trade Centre here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Appearing at this star-studded event will be Ali Shalal Qaissi currently on his world tour. You might remember him when he played the "hooded man" in the The Belmont Club's production last year of "The Man Who Never Was" or from his one night performance at the Captain's Quarters.

Also appearing at this gala event will be Cynthia McKinney, you might remember Cynthia from her countless roles, often playing "the perpetual victim of racism" or the "arab funded conspirasy theorist". Cynthia will be perfoming a duel role at this event playing both the perpectual victim of racism and as a former US Congresswoman who introduces a bill to have President George Bush impeached.

Folks, this star-studded, action packed, three day event promises to blow John Kerry's performance in Davos, Switzerland out of the water!!

Updates tomorrow.

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