Feb 4, 2007

Obama's Years of Living Dangerously

"A man who ceases to believe in God does not believe in nothing; he believes in anything."

G.K. Chesterton

It would seem that many of our nation's liberals are fully satisfied with CNN's "drive by" reporting on the Obama story. Insight reported... CNN flew in and debunked and that is it... story is over. Pack up the camera crew and jet off somewhere else.
In the wake of everything, many of us though are left dumbfounded because we just can't seem to put our finger on what exactly CNN supposedly debunked.
CNN's claim that Obama attended a multi-confessional, secular public school in Jakarta, Indonesia that has hardly changed in the last 35 years seems hard to believe.
Many are not interested in what CNN claims Obama's school is like now. We want to know what was it like back then in the late 60's and early 70's.
And so... on to what CNN's "drive by" reporting left out.
As reported, a young "Barry Soetoro" registered for school at the Franciscan Asisi Primary School on 1 January 1968. The late sixties and early seventies would be see an Indonesia in turmoil with the pro-communist Sukarno being overthown by the pro-muslim Suharto.
Less than a year before a young "Barry Soetoro" had registered for school, Indonesia would have witnessed one of the worst slaughters of the twentieth century, when over half a million PKI (Parti Komunis Indonesia) members and their supporters were slaughtered by General Suharto's principally Muslim military and their supporters. A vivid portrayal of the events leading up to Sukarno's overthrow can be seen in the Mel Gibson movie entitled "The Year of Living Dangerously"
In 1967 the nationalist and pro-communist Sukarno was overthrown by General Suharto. On 21 March 1968, Suharto would be formally elected as President.
Under Suharto, Sukarno's state ideology of Pancasila taught in all schools would under go an "indigenization" process in which all Marxist and Western elements of the ideology would be systematically eradicated and replaced with indigenous elements. Religious teachings and ethics related to Islam would become more pronounced in Pancasila as a unifying factor for the mostly Muslim country.
During this "indigenization" process and time of instability it is safe to assume that there would be a fair amount of backlash against any Western individuals living in Indonesia.
Witnesses reported here below that "there were claims that the child was from Papau" when asked about a young Barry Soetoro. It is hard to imagine what life might have been like for a young American mother and her child living in Indonesia at this time.
There have been no explanations as to why Barack Obama's family moved from their original residence to Dempo Street or why Obama's family removed him from the Franciscan Asisi School and enrolled him in Besuki Primary.
What is known is that Indonesia's education system was experiencing a major transformation with religion (Islam) now playing a much more pivotal role.
In 1976, Lambert Kelabora published a paper entitled "Religious Instruction Policy in Indonesia" which addresses many of the questions regarding what Barack Obama's Indonesian education was like in the late 1960's and early 70's.
An excerpt from the first page of this paper reads clearly indicates it's relevency:
"Religion permeates every section of life in Indonesia. It occupies an enormously important place in politics, economics, education, and the arts. For this reason, the study of religious education will have to include almost almost all aspects of Indonesian society. This article, however, is intended to study the development of religious instruction in the government schools - only a small section of the wider spectrum of religious education. The term religious instruction is used advisedly to refer to the religious lessons provided in secular education institutions under the Ministry of Education."
Another paper published in the late 70's entitled "Assumptions Underlying Religious Instruction in Indonesia" explains in great detail how Indonesia's education system was changing.
"However the changing political and security situation in the country since 1949 has made religion a compulsory subject for all, from pre-primary to tertiary level..."
Over the last week, I have received many emails, many supportive and many others downright hateful accusing me of being anything from a bigot, a racist and and even an islamophobe.
The truth is that I am not any of these things. Like many others, I simply wanted to know the truth.


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Question? Have you read the Audacity of Hope? Do you think we should hold leaders to stuff that happened in their lives when they were SIX years old? Is Obama a Muslim? How long was he a practicing Muslim after they left Indonesia? Waht has been his religious affiliation in his Adult life?

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Obama was undoubtedly raised as a communism and muslim. You are correct people should not be held accountable for the events of their childhood, however, they do have an influence on the formation of a person's identity and mentality. Regardless, Obama has been intended to be President by Central Bankers and Corporate CEOs like the Rockefellers, Ford Foundation, and Henry Kissenger for some time especially so they could play the racist card when he is criticized. Yet, on record he is seen to be a liar, as he lied about everything he said he would do, is attacking the constitution, has not fixed the economy nor limited the Banking Powers, and has filled the White House with Lobbyists.
      Once Obama's Presidency is over, they will likely either attempt to get a Bush to be President, or even more likely a female so they can then play the gender inequality card. But of course, the defenses are only divide and conquer, to keep people focused on false and trivial issues, so they (The Bankers, Capital, and Corporate Powers such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers) can more easily accomplish their goals of a New World Order of which many have admitted on record and major media is their goal, though, of course, they do not admit their means of achieving it, only that such and such a President can help it to come about.

  2. Well, I may agree with your sentiments, but it is pretty clear that all of Islam may not.

    So, would members of Islamic nations even meet with President O.B.? Would their religion compel assassination attempts should he ever visit one of their nations?

  3. In Islam, aren't you considered a Muslim if your father is a Muslim. In other words your faith is passed from father to child automatically.
    Islam is like The Hotel California--you can check in, but you can never check out.

  4. Who gives a rat's hind end what Islam's definition of a Muslim is, the boy Obama was born in the USA and has always been a US citizen. That he spent 2 years at a Catholic school followed by 2 years in a Jakarta public school as an 8 and 9 year old is hardly significant. He was, as a 5'th grader sent to a private non sectarian school in the USA State of Hawaii, graduated and thereafter continued his education in California, New York, Massachusetts, lived and worked in Illinois where he became a State legislator, joined a Christian Church years ago and is now Senator from Illinois.

    What patent foolishness that he could possibly be identified as anything but what he chooses to be. In the USA, one chooses their own religion, the government does not make the choice.

    Let me assure you that the private school in Hawaii, started by Christian missionaries in 1841, largest private coeducational schools in ll of the USA which consistently sends their graduates to the finest universities in the USA is NOT a jihadist training ground.

    I attended the school and am quite qualified to make the statement without reservation.

  5. "I attended the school and am quite qualified to make the statement without reservation."

    If you attended the prestigious Punahou School you are now undoubtedly a limousine liberal and would be genetically predisposed to support Obama.

    Barry Sotero's (Obama) schoolmate, Rony Amiris, at Besuki Primary School remember's young Barry as enjoying playing football and marbles and of being a very devout Muslim. Amir said, "Barry was previously quite religious in Islam. His birth father, Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim economist from Kenya ... all of the relatives of Barry's father were very devout Muslims"

    "We previously often asked him to the prayer room close to the house. If he was wearing a sarong he looked funny," said Rony.

    Amiris now the manager of the Bank Mandiri, Jakarta, recently said, "Barry was previously quite religious in Islam. His birth father, Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama was married to a woman from Kenya who had seven children. All the relatives of Barry's father were very devout Muslims"

    Rony extrapolates further, that Obama at one point had to change his religion if he ever intended later to run for the office of President of the United States because America would never elect a Muslim to the be President of the United States.

  6. The potential held in Mr. Obama's presidential candidacy is a direct product of his mixed roots and his deeper understanding of people, cultures and religion. We should all wish for a President that can bring people together and make us proud outisde our borders, not one that knows more about baseball and fraternities than foreign affairs.

  7. These accounts are completely unreliable. How could they recognize Mr. Obama as a "negroid"? Even an indonesian would have a hard time telling a half black 6 year old kid from another in racially mixed jakarta.

    Just look at this picture of young obama, which validates my point:,0,5607457.photogallery?coll=la-home-headlines&index=2

    This whole blog is a load of rubbish

  8. Max,

    Your picture does not validate anything.

    I have to admit that I am taken aback with your comment concerning this blog.

    What you read was a translation of an Indonesian media report - the links were provided.

    Apparently you seem to be predisposed to think that these independent Indonesian media reports are rubbish.

  9. Patrick,

    Nowhere in the Bible studied by Christians and Catholics, does it suggest Black Liberation Theology. This is radical racism. Obama claiming he is a Christian is like the cat telling the canary he is a vegetarian.


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