Mar 30, 2007

Western Impotence and Submission

It has been said that a picture tells a thousand words.

The image is being broadcast around the globe by Iran of a female British soldier wearing a hijab is a powerful image and even more disturbingly it is an image of submission.

Not only is the female soldier a hostage, but she has chosen willingly to conform to Islamic dress standards. It is highly doubtful that she was under duress and forced to wear this. Most likely she was told to put it on and she complied willingly.

Where do we draw the line?

If this soldier was a Jew would she have willingly donned a yellow star?

Has the West become so spineless or is it perhaps the steady diet of multiculturism and political correctness force fed to the West by that would compel a soldier of today to express sensitivity to the indignation of her Islamic captors.

She could have refused. Refused to submit but she didn't.

If she would have refused to don the headscarf, she would not have been paraded on television like this.

In the mind of muslim, this is a very powerful image. The image is meant for consumption in the Muslim world and displays powerfully what is seen as the acquiescence of the West to the superiority of Islam.

The infidel and the lesser satan submits.


  1. If she'd refused, they might have cut her head off.

    I don't blame the sailors so much as I blame our government in Britain.

    So far we have fallen terribly short of confronting the Iranian outrage, and I shudder to imagine the consequences. But while our media are colluding in the defensive, losing position (see here), there doesn't seem much hope of action from us.

    Which, I'm sorry to say, can only end up making life harder for Uncle Sam. Gosh, how they must be celebrating in Tehran!

  2. If she'd refused, they might have cut her head off.

    Sorry, but I disagree.

    She would not have been killed for refusing to wear the hijab.

    She just wouldn't have been shown on television.

  3. Look. The British have been wussies since World War 2. They tucked their tails between their legs in the face of little yellow slant eyed Japs. Face the facts, if not for American youngsters and US Steel, Britain today would be speaking German.

    Why is it surprising that they allowed a military vessel to be boarded by foreign hostile forces and their active uniformed personnel to be captured?

    If you're gonne be someones bitch and they have a fetish for veils then I guess you got to do what it takes to be a bitch.


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