Apr 29, 2007

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

"Back then, abortion was considered to be a woman's right to choose. Now it has become the catalyst that leads to her extinction. You've come a long way, baby."

While the United States is busy embracing harmful traditional and cultural practices from the third world, the United Nations is trying to it's level best to convince the third world that many of their cultural practices and traditions are ... well... immoral.

At a meeting held last week in Bangkok, Thailand, experts focused on preventing violence against women and addressed its socio-cultural root causes in the Asian and Pacific context. According to the United Nations, attitudes and practices such as sex-selective abortions, female infanticide, dowry deaths, "honour" killings, forced marriages, and sex slavery continue to violate women’s rights.

There you have it, according to the United Nations, abortion, namely "selective-sex abortion" is now considered to be violence against women and violates a woman's rights.

The question we are left with however is this; exactly who's rights are being violated? The unborn girl baby or the mother who has chosen freely to abort her child according to her own cultural beliefs?

For years the United Nations has been promoting what they consider to be a woman's "reproductive rights" in the third world. Those rights include: "Reproductive decision-making, including voluntary choice in marriage, family formation and determination of the number, timing and spacing of one’s children; and the right to have access to the information and means needed to exercise voluntary choice."

Now the United Nations seems to be interested in retracting what they once promoted, by coercing and forcing women to forgo a portion of their rights and bring an unwanted child into this world. We are left to wonder whether the United Nations will also seek to halt selective-sex abortions in Europe and the rest of the world and not just the South Asia and the third world.

There are two lessons to learn from this story. The first being that, abortion and euthanasia are the forerunners of death camps and eugenics, they are not enlightened concepts of progression. And secondly, that not all cultures and religions are equal.


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