May 1, 2007

The Subterfuge of the Loo

American contemplates, England submits and Turkey prepares.

To many westerners, our previous post entitled "All Your Toilet Are Belong To Us" is at best comical, a post that highlights cultural differences and America's pathetic attempt to appease their new "colonial masters", but there was something more.

Who hold on a second... Why colonists and not immigrants you say? Because, lets be honest, it is an unrealistic characterization to identify these individuals as immigrants, in doing so, we imply that they are somehow desirous of assimilation and integration when in reality, they aren't.

What kind of immigrant threatens and intimidates a nation that has welcomed them in with open arms? What kind of immigrant threatens their host nation with violence and destruction should we fail to meet their never ending demands? When these so-called immigrants make it brutally clear that their intentions are not and have never been assimilation and integration but rather our eventual subjugation, why don't we take them at their word?

But even now as Germany has yet to come to the realization that it's not about integration, it never was, it is about Germany's submission and conformity to a foreign political and religious ideology. Germany's frustration can pretty much be summed up by the words of Maria Boehmer, Germany's envoy for integration matters just yesterday when she said:

"We will not allow that a small minority of backward people who want to install (in Germany) the rules of their grandfathers"

Incapacitated by polititical correctness, Maria Boehmer doesn't know it yet, but she will eventually submit or she will face the violent and feared wrath of Germany's new "immigrants".

England on the other hand is still a few years behind Germany and France, but like Germany and France, will most likely continue to submit to the neverending demands. So far England has done of jolly good show of demonstrating their willingness to submit.

You might remember last year the demands were for the toilets to be reconstructed at taxpayer expense so they don't face Mecca. Well, that wasn't good enough. Deputy head of residential services Dave Lambourne explains, why once again the British taxpayers must foot the bill to re-recontruct these new toilets to further accomodate the Muslim prisoner's demands.

You might be thinking that it would be nice if all the "demands" could just come at once and then England can decide either to accept or reject them. But that's not the way colonial conquest works.

By now I'm sure you are asking how Turkey fits into all of this. Dar Al Hayat explains:

"The Islamic government has made enormous efforts to prevent prostitution, create job opportunities for the graduates of religious institutes (Imam Hatip Schools) - whose education does not qualify them to work in modern administrations - and appoint an Islamist as the Head of the Central Bank. In addition, municipalities, which are controlled by the Justice and Development Party, have strived to change toilets and dispose of everything 'Western'...[sic]"

Now ask yourself. Was it really all about the toilets?


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  1. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I really feel sorry for you, having spent about a year in Europe I came to the conclusion that the only people with the slightest concern for bathroom sanitation that can compete with America's is only Germany and England. In the rest of the countries, you may luck out and get a toilet (?) you can figure out. In the worst situations, you must play a guessing game about how to flush it or how to sit on it.


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