Jun 16, 2007

The Making of an Al Qaeda Operative

On 11 September 2001, America came face to face with the reality of what 19 men could do by taking advantage of our nation's lack of resolve in enforcing our nation's immigration and visa policies. It would seem that in those six years we have learned nothing. Emboldened by our lack of resolve in enforcing our own nation's laws, the flood of illegal immigrants and invaders continues to this day unabated.

In my many years as an American citizen living overseas I have come across countless immigration scams designed to get foreign nationals in the United States. Many for the sole purpose of conducting criminal activity with much of it related to either drugs or prostitution. Many of the scams are quite sophisticated in nature, but what they all share in common is that they take advantage of loopholes and/or the lack of enforcement in our nation's own immigration policies to achieve their objectives.

The most common scams involve bogus marriages or various visa scams, such as the use of supporting documents from American companies or American owned businesses overseas that are used to obtain visas under false pretenses. It needs to be noted though that all of these scams, regardless of their type, require the assistance of American citizens. Without the assistance of compliant Americans none of these scams would ever come to fruition.

In the course of conducting business overseas, it is not uncommon at times for Americans and other Westerners to find themselves the recipients of various unsolicited offers and pleas of assistance in obtaining visas, and some might even find themselves induced into committing what they consider to be a victimless crime in the course of trying to help a foreigner get a visa to the United States. Being duped or induced though is one thing, but even more disturbing is that over the last several years, there seems to be a dangerously increasing number of Americans who have taken it upon themselves to justify their actions by viewing at our nation's laws through the 'lens of subjectivity'.

When our nation's own leadership chooses to embrace the subjectivity of arbitrary governance over the rule of law is it any wonder that a large portion of our own population might follow suite and come to their own conclusion that the rule of law implies with it no objectivity?

Rarely will our adversaries overseas masterminding the infiltration of our borders reveal their real intentions or the circumstances involving their human cargo and will instead attempt to gauge the patriotism of the individual by asking seemingly benign and innocuous questions like "Do you support Bush?" or if you agree with your nation's foreign policies. The purpose of this line of questioning is to determine whether or not you would be willing to betray your own country and the challenge for our adversaries is to see whether or not you can be duped into doing it unknowingly. If it's found that your ideological standing leans to the left and it is emotion and subjectivity view of the law rather than logic and reason which compels you, then the play on your sympathies begins in earnest. Needless to say, a moonbat suffering from "Bush Derangement Syndrome" who believes that 9/11 was an inside job and that the United States is the source of all the world's ills is a prime candidate overseas for this type of psychological subversion.

Two years ago I happened to meet a fellow American in a hotel lounge in Singapore. New to Southeast Asia, the poor fellow had discovered "oree-enul wimmin" and was now suffering from a particularly bad Thai strain of yellow fever. Anyone familiar with the pathology of this dreaded disease knows full well the high probability that you might end up going bankrupt before you finally manage to discover the cure. Sitting at the bar and drowning in his own lamentation, I offered to buy Steve a beer. The advanced stages of yellow fever had taken their toll on Steve and despite the fact that he had lost his wife back home, he was still upbeat and told me how the month before he had made US30,000 just by helping a few Pakistani guys get some visas so they could travel overseas to inspect some textile machinery.

When I asked Steve why these guys didn't get their own visas and why they were willing to pay him for his help he jumped and went into a long winded rant about George Bush, Guantanamo, racism and that "9/11 thing". Over another beer, Steve would ask me if I saw the movie Fahrenheit 911 and then proceeded to explain to me how Bush and Blair were bombing non-white countries. These people that Steve was helping were honest businessmen who had been victimized by the foreign policies of Bush and Blair, their only crime according to Steve was that they were non-white. It was no point arguing with Steve, he had convinced himself that his actions were not only moral but justified.

Over the next few months, I would come to learn that Steve had become much more than just a "useful idiot", he became an instrumental player in something much more insidious, a highly sophisticated human smuggling ring with terrorist connections in Pakistan and a web that extends from Southeast Asia and the Middle East to Central and South America.

My attempts later to bring information regarding this human smuggling network to the attention of State department officials in the region would be met with disdain and indifference. One official told me point blank "That is not within our jurisdiction, there is nothing we can do.", a visit to our embassy would have me subjected to a body search and "vetted out" by a haughty pimply faced twenty something "security official" in country for no more than three months who was more concerned with my motives than with the information I held. In fact, he wasn't concerned or even interested in the information at all. Disgusted and humiliated, I left without saying anything and wondered to myself why the hell I had even bothered to take time off from work.

That same year, Pakistanis would represent a staggering figure of over 50% of the individuals caught at our border who came from nations where terrorism thrives. A total of 101 Pakistanis would be caught by border patrol agents attempting to cross our southern border from Mexico. And that is just the ones we caught. Estimates are that only ten percent ever caught putting the figure who managed to infiltrate our border in one year alone at over 1000 Pakistanis.

Al Qaeda and the world know fully well of our porous land border and the lack of resolve we have in securing it and our day of reckoning is coming soon. This time around we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


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