Jul 15, 2007

It's a Cruel Cruel Summer

The ongoing partisan political fratricide in the United States from Al Qaeda's perspective is comfortably internecine. Shielded by the deceptive diplomacy of a tutelary nation and the tough terrain of northwestern Pakistan, the leadership of Al Qaeda have been content to wait patiently and see their efforts come to fruition as the Sophoclean tragedy in America begins to slowly play itself out.

Calculative and ever observant of the technological chasm that divides them from the West, Al Qaeda has long known that their greatest weapon against America would always be their patience and perseverance coupled with a strategia della tensione designed to slowly erode the resolve and the will of their adversaries. So far everything has been going according to plans. In fact, better than it could have ever possibly been imagined.

Suffering from a collective "conflict of conscience" and what Pope Benedict XVI would describe as a "pathological self-hatred", America and much of the West have taken to their impending dhimmitude like a duck to water. Never before in the history of Islamic revival has a nation so willingly subjugated itself. The President and the Commander in Chief of America's armed forces removing his shoes and not only paying homage and reverence to the will of Allah, but actually promoting Islam as a religion of peace, female government officials donning the hijab for the sake of Allah. These are all extremely powerful phantasmagorical images that substantiate the prophecies of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and encourage more to join the call for jihad.

As America continues to rip itself apart, the last thing Al Qaeda wants to do at this time is anything that might possibly run the risk of uniting the American people. The next big Al Qaeda attack is coming and it is coming soon, just not this summer.

In the wake of Al Qaeda's orchestrated cataclysmic attacks of 9/11, Al Qaeda has found themselves inundated with an increasing uncontrollable array of ideological groupies and self-proclaimed mujahideen throughout the world inspired and mesmerized not only by Al Qaeda's message, but by their survivability. While many have willingly stepped forward to show their allegiance and embrace martyrdom, there is a growing contingent of followers and sympathizers who have become impatient and desperate for Al Qaeda to deliver the finishing blow to what they perceive to be an already weakened foe. But while the finishing blow is in fact already in the works, the timing is not quite right yet.

The assumption that a spectacular summer attack by Al Qaeda is in the offing based on "increased chatter" or Al Qaeda's "affinity for summertime" amounts to an ignoratio elenchi and a alarming misinterpretation within our nation's intelligence network brought on for the most part by an over-reliance on technology and signals intelligence in lieu of of our own human intelligence. It would appear that we still have not learned our lesson.

Of course we have recently been endowed with the divining abilities of Michael Chertoff's gut, but that is another issue all together. So brace yourself folks, it's going to be a cruel summer.


  1. You have eloquently stated my 'gut' feelings. Al Qaeda needs not make any attacks on the US homeland now. It would be foolish to do so. Our spineless politicians are playing into their hands with the media wittingly or not helping their cause. It is a sad state of affairs to see our great nation impotent in the face of such grave danger. It is sadder still to see many in positions of power and trust refuse to acknowledge the threat is real or to confront the enemy in a meaningful way.

    It is going to be interesting to see how things play out. So long as the population is allowed to keep their personal weapons, we stand a real chance of defeating them. For surely, we will be fighting our streets unless attitudes and policies change.

  2. Well said. Its amazing how the general American public, media, and political community - in their efforts to unite the world through "peace" - contribute to their own self distruction. Interesting how the "last days" of the world are playing out. Pray, my friend.

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