Jul 30, 2011

Obama: Pride Before the Fall

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal laments that an unloved Barack Hussein Obama does not seem to be genuine in what he says and does.  Noonan's choice of words is intriguing to say the least and is clearly indicative that she is just as out of touch with the American mainstream as Obama is.

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't it a mesmerized Noonan herself who once held up Chairman Soetoro's hagiography and attempted to school the rest of us yokels on the virtues of Obama's hope and change?  

Spurious yes. But the word you are looking for Ms. Noonan is mendacious.

Mr. Obama is worse than a liar, he is a fraud, a fraud that was perpetrated on the American people and that has made America the laughing-stock of the world with many of our own allies wondering how an individual so hostile to America  and her allies could have ever been elected president. America's growth in government at the expense of free enterprise is something deeply disturbing not only for Americans but for our friends and allies overseas.

Obama's arrogant attempt to thrust his  radical agenda on the world has been met with derision. What many Americans back home and in Washington fail to realize is that Obama's arrogance, mendacity and narcissism extends well beyond our borders.

America's debt crisis has only exacerbated things. The faith that many of our allies have had in America is diminished, this has nothing to do with the current impasse in raising the debt ceiling but everything to do with America's lack of fiscal responsibility.  What you won't read in the papers back home is that it's not congress, the senate or even Obama that will ultimately decide whether America's debt ceiling is raised - it is our nation's creditors.

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