Sep 12, 2005


I've been asked to comment on the following thread posted by Michelle Malkin and to give a perspective of how this design is viewed and seen over here. Let me just say that there is absolutely nothing ambiguous about this design.

It is seen by everyone over here in Southeast Asia and throughout the Muslim world very clearly for what it represents.

This is beyond being simply inappropriate. This is nothing more than the epitome of cruelty and insensitivity clearly done with malicious intent by those with an ideological axe to grind.

The architect who designed this is the type of individual who would neigh and then snigger under his breath at the funeral of of a person who died in a horse riding accident.

My prayers go out to the individuals who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack and have now have their suffering and bereavement made a cruel mockery of. God have mercy on the souls of those who championed this abomination because I won't.

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