Jan 17, 2007

Fiction Versus Reality

Once again the television show "24" is under attack from various Muslim groups including CAIR who claim that the show not only entertains, but vilifies an entire religious group in doing so.

Something I found interesting in the story was this fallacious statement:

“I think that TV has quite an effect on how people think,” said Nadeem Mazen, past president of the MIT Muslim Association. “So much of what we hear on Muslims is hearsay - an expert opinion by people with a personal agenda and not necessarily motivated by truth. And then a show like this comes along that perpetuates the ‘them’ factor.”

It is not a fictional television show that works to perpetuate this "us versus them" dichotomy but the harsh reality that Mr. Mazen and the rest of his ilk are unwilling to face up to.

If CAIR and the rest of these Muslim special interest groups were truly sincere in their professed mission then instead of monitoring the Kuffar's television, radio and print media why don't they simply pick up the phone and call their local Hamas, Hizbollah or Al Qaeda "community support" group and let them know that the continued terrorism, hatred and inciting of violence is giving Muslims a bad wrap in the media.

Once again the gauntlet is laid down and once again it will be ignored. Does anyone need anymore evidence to see that groups like CAIR work to conceal their true agenda?


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    24 has been widely criticized as a neocon sex fantasy. Its not a surprize they insinuate racist ideology into the show. Its also not a surprize that the main character, Mr. Jack Bauer - conveniently a white american "everyman" can ignore international law, spit on human dignity, and talk constantly of death in the name of a cause.

    Last time I heard about the media portrayal of noble sacrifice, it was in the Nazi media. Oh no! more innuendo! can you handle it?

    Regardless of whether or not people are influenced by media, no group should be subjected to the systematic destruction of their image. Its not a question of freedom of speech. Its not a question of fiction and truth. Its a question of institutionalized racism supported by a hateful movement.

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    anonymous doesnt see the irony in posting with HUGE generalities.

    In real life, "Jack" doesnt even agree with the death penalty. Hardly a movement of hate in the guy.

    If everyone posted like "anonymous" would that be using a form of media to influence opinion?

    Institutionalized racism? Please.


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