Aug 26, 2007

Pelosi: Unlikely Advocate For Women's Equality

On the 24th of August, Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement commemorating Women's Equality Day, the 87th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, an amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote in the United States. Women's Equality Day will be celebrated on Sunday, August the 26th in the United Stated.

In what's become typical of Nancy Pelosi's lack of dignity, grace and leadership she would once again use the occasion as an opportunity to slam the Executive branch of our government and promote her socialist agenda. But what was even more profoundly disturbing was Pelosi's hypocritical attempt to pick up the baton and lead the crusade for women's equality around the world.

"We must remain vigilant in the fight for equality for women. Those who came before us would expect no less. Let us honor our history and their sacrifice by continuing through our voices and our actions to support our sisters throughout the nation and the world until true equality is no longer a goal, but a reality."

As you may recall, Nancy Pelosi is the same women that only a few months earlier naively donned a hijab and then proceeded to blaze a trail of sociopolitical destruction through the Middle East under the guise of Congressional oversight.

Perhaps Ms. Nancy Pelosi could start her crusade by honoring the sacrifices of women like Zilla Huma Usman and countless other women throughout the world who have been beaten and threatened and in many cases killed for refusing to wear the hijab. The very same hijab that Nancy Pelosi submissively chose to adorn so that she might not offend her Middle Eastern hosts.

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