Dec 3, 2007

Barack Obama and The Truth

I've come to the conclusion that only the convoluted pathology of moonbatism could ever possibly account for the incognizance suffered by Obama's rabid contingent of fanbois and supporters. As to be expected, Digby at Digby's Hullabaloo and Steve Benen at The Carpetbagger Report have once again worked themselves into a frenzy over the mainstream media's mention of "rumors" concerning Obama's Islamic heritage, what Benen instinctively refers to as "lies" and "slander". Exacerbating their agony was an article in the Washington Post that would allege that Obama's opponents are using his Muslim ties to fuel rumors about him, rumors which happen to be true.

No, I'm not talking about the madrassa rumor, but of the fact that Obama is an apostate who now claims to have embraced Christianity. For Obama the acknowledgment of his religious upbringing has not been forthcoming and despite all the evidence to the contrary Obama continues to deny the fact that he was ever a Muslim. In the alternative, Obama would apparently have us to believe that one can somehow embrace Christianity without having to renounce Islam first. Of course admitting that you are an apostate who has since embraced Christianity might just invalidate those foreign policy credentials in dealing with the Muslim world. So instead of renouncing Islam which might anger the Muslim world Obama leaves his religious leanings open to an ambiguous interpretation by riding the fence so to speak, kind of like a bizarre black and white religious chameleon. Needless to say, it is not the "right-wing hate machine" that is fueling the rumors, but rather Obama himself with his refusal to be forthright with not just the American people but with himself. And therein lies the entire crux of the matter.

Despite what they say though, the reality is that for Obama and many of his supporters the veracity of the rumors is not really an issue, what is an issue is the audacity of their opponents to dare tread into what they consider to be an illegitimate area of inquiry. We've all heard this same story before with Bill Clinton who never was able to wrap his head around the fact that it was his character that was called into question rather than his conduct.

There is only one person who can dispel the alleged rumors and that is Barack Obama himself and yet instead Obama prefers to be nothing more than a poseur playing the role of the perpetually victimized black man with a Muslim name.

So is Barack Obama really a stealth Muslim masquerading as a Christian? That all depends on what your definition of "is" is.

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  1. Have you seen that this muslim accusation is making the rounds again?

    Hillary's machine is in overdrive, bet we see this one making the headlines more often as the primaries draw near. She seems to love sloppy seconds, at home and in her campaign.

    By the way, have you gone awol? I'm missing you're cross posts at atw.


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