Sep 15, 2011

Obama's Attack Watch - Comical or Kafkaesque

Hu Is Watching Yu
While many Americans are laughing at the Attack Watch video now going viral on the web or reading how Obama's ominous threats are "pointless", there are some Americans who are not laughing.

Perhaps someone should ask Gibson Guitar's CEO Henry Juszkiewicz just how funny opposing Barack Obama can be.

It's not like Americans were not warned or did not see this coming, before Obama's Attack Watch there was Fight the Smears where Barack Obama's campaign responded that the president would "respond to any smears forcefully with all means at our disposal".  Sadly there are some Americans who are finding out the hard way just what that means.

I can't help but ask myself if Americans deserving of freedom or liberty when they seem to have lost all respect for it.  Our children are being groped in the nation's airports and now a sitting president is urging his political supporters to spy on and report their fellow citizens.  Where is the outrage?

Seriously this is the kind of surreal spy vs. spy crap is something we would expect from some Cold War era totalitarian regime where some poor sod forfeits a kidney for listening to the wrong radio station.

The idea of a government or it's president attempting to restrict freedom of speech and/or inducing and encouraging it's citizens to spy on each other is not representative of a free demographic society respectful of human rights, rather it is the staple of an authoritative and at times totalitarian regime who is unwilling to embrace the principles of freedom or liberty.

Regardless of where Barack Obama was born, he is not an American.  He is an enemy of the State and should be treated as such.

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