Nov 11, 2011

Curing Alesha's Lesbianism

Looking at Alesha, it is hard to imagine that she is any different than your typical twenty-something girl, petite with colored auburn hair,  she goes to college during the day and works at Starbucks in the afternoon as a barista, she listens to Lady Gaga on her Ipod and likes to watch CSI Miami on television when she has the time.

Like anyone Alesha has dreams, she dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer... she also dreams of a day when she longer has to live her life in fear.   You see, Alesha likes girls and she lives in Malaysia, a country where her sexual peccadilloes could see her behind bars or worse.

It is not uncommon that Alesha finds herself often preyed upon by vile lecherous policemen and other so-called "authorities".  Poking and grabbing at her, her oppressors feel that she is free game and they snicker among themselves as they offer to cure her of her lesbianism.  If Alesha had enough to fear, she has more now.

The Malaysian state of Malacca has said it will amend its state Islamic enactment to prosecute gays and lesbians by applying the same type of Shariah legal mechanism used against deviant Muslim sects.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said Wednesday 9 November:

“We will revise the current enactment to specifically deal with homosexuals and lesbians in the state, including groups that promote such uncanny sex.”

It was needed, he said, because no specific law at present exists to prosecute such groups.

“We will suggest the enactment to also cover bisexuals and transsexuals,” he said, adding that action could also be taken against any non-governmental organisation promoting and supporting such sexual practices.

“We don’t want such unsavoury culture creeping in and damaging the moral fabric of our society,” Mohd Ali said.

Mohd Ali also attacked the group Sisters in Islam, calling on them to drop the word “Islam” from their name as he claimed they had been “frequently issuing contradicting and confusing statements on Islam”. Sisters in Islam is one of the groups who supported the banned ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’ festival.

Seksualiti Merdeka has been held since 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, and represents a coalition of Malaysian NGOs (including Malaysian Bar Council, SUARAM, Empower, PT Foundation, United Nations, Amnesty International) and individuals. Apart from the annual festival, they also organize workshops, talks, film screenings and letter writings. It was banned by Kuala Lumpur City Hall who vowed to scupper any attempts at reviving or promoting the “immoral” event.

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