Apr 20, 2006

Brokeback America

Whether it is illegal immigrants and their supporters attempting to intimidate a populace into altering a nation's domestic and foreign policy or self-adulating homosexuals brazenly orchestrating a politically motivated hijacking of a children's celebration on a traditional holiday on the Whitehouse lawn, one has to wonder if America has simply lost it's backbone.

If you need anymore evidence of the painful demise of freedom and democracy in America and the recrudescent rise of ochlocracy look around you. Do you see liberty and freedom or just an endless neverending array of so-called minorities, "victims" and their lobbyists engaged in nothing more than a free for all? Some might call it "direct democracy", but in reality it has become nothing more than mob-rule.

Allowing ourselves to be coerced and intimidated into constantly rewriting and revising what our nation's "Principles of Democracy" are depending on whatever the sociological and politcial climate of the day is, our nation has lost track of what we as a nation truly stand for.

Reading through our State Department's website on the "Principles of Democracy" one might be led to believe that America stands for moral relativism, diversity and tolerance and that these are indeed principles of our republic. They are not.

But in recent years, the words "tolerance" and "diversity" have become the battle cry of communists, socialists and a plethora of international "human rights" and "civil liberties" organizations, apparatchiks intent on nothing more than coercing our nation into adopting their "new religion", one that history has shown us time and time again is incapable of preserving liberty and freedom.

For our nation's State Department to shamelessly quote the Socialist Mahatma Gandhi over our nation's own founding fathers represents nothing more than an unfathomable disconnect with the principles of which our great nation was founded.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on 18 September 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked "Well, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" to which he replied "A republic if you can keep it." The brevity of Benjamin Franklin's response should never underscore it's essential meaning, that liberty and freedom are nothing that we should take for granted and affirming that truism that freedom is not free .

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