May 5, 2006

The Bishop's Nose

Yesterday was a long day for me. I finished my work quite late and decided to go pick up a pirated DVD copy of "Flight 93" and then on the way back stopped by the KFC outlet.

I don't really visit KFC here that often, but when I do it is always the same order. Three pieces of chicken (all breasts). The girl behind the counter looked at me for a moment, smiled and then picked out three pieces of breast meat and plonked them in the box. The whole thing got me thinking.

You see, Asians for the most part and the Chinese in particular can't stand the white meat of a chicken and they are always too happy to see some "guailo" come in and order the white meat. Unlike the West where if you ordered "all white meat" you would end up paying extra, here you get it with no extra charge. I suppose if you wanted you could go in and order a twentyone piece KFC big barrel o' breasts with no extra charge.

If it was just thighs and legs that the Chinese prefered I could readily understand that. Over the years though, what I have never been able to comprehend however is the Chinese affinity for eating "chicken ass".

In Malaysia and Singapore "chicken ass" goes by the polite euphemism "Bishop's Nose", and many of the locals go absolutely gaga over it.

When McDonald's first introduced their new sandwich over here in Asia last year they advertised it as containing "100% white chicken meat patties" and since then they have quietly dropped the 100% white chicken part.

Has not happened yet, but I'm still waiting for KFC to introduce the "Bucket o' Ass" here in Asia and McDonald's to introduce a new chicken sandwich made with 100% chicken ass. I think they might end up being big sellers.

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