Jun 1, 2007

All Musharraf All The Time

General Pervez Musharraf continues to fight a losing battle for his political survival. This afternoon thousands of Pakistanis in several cities across Pakistan took to the streets shouting "Go Musharraf Go" and "Musharraf The Dog" and burned effigies of Musharraf.

A defiant Musharraf's response was to threaten his adversaries with legal action for their "derogatory" remarks by declaring that the fiery speeches by the protesters against his rule was an "assault" on the legal system and "tantamount to humiliating the armed forces and judiciary".

Pervez Musharraf's only friend now seems to the United States who foolishly continue to support this whited sepulchre while he stabs us in the back. The Pakistanis have now turned on him and the man is not even safe in his own country.

But billions in aid with no accountability continue to flow, with the bulk of it going into Pakistan all courtesy of United States taxpayer. All Musharraf has to do is submit his invoices, if he can ever get that right. After being lectured recently by the US officials concerning their padded invoices submitted to the US embassy in Islamabad with "round figures" the Pakistanis are now submitting their invoices with more "specific figures". It's like saying, we know you are corrupt, but please don't make it look like you are corrupt.

Giving lip service to us while they continue to take our money and engage in an orgy of nuclear proliferation doesn't seem to be what a logical person would consider to be "our ally" in the war on terror either. Sadly though the naive George Tenet didn't seem to realize that it wasn't Musharraf calling the shots anyway. It's almost comical if you think about it. "Thank You George, I'll look into it." That right there should gave a hint to Tenet, but it didn't. He also could have chosen his words differently considering that the Pakistanis regard Dr. AQ Khan as a national hero for giving them the "holy bomb".

Pakistan doesn't need the United States to guarantee its security but Musharraf needs the United States to secure his dictatorship and our State Department seems to think that Pakistan's dictatorship can be a "path leading to democracy". Someone needs to explain to our State Department exactly how a dictatorship operates. There is nothing democratic about it. Even if Pakistan was democratic, the likelihood is that they would elect an Islamic government.

What happens when the United States loses Pakistan to a Pro-Taliban Islamic government and they start using weapons against US interests? Our sources tell us that portions of the military aid have in fact already in fact been diverted to the Islamic militants by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

The nightmare scenario only gets worse with the threat of Pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Perhaps by next year at the Cannes Film Festival Al Qaeda and the Taliban will finally be able to submit their own remake of the film "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" entitled "Beneath the Planet of the Taliban". I don't think I need to tell you how the film ends...


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