Jun 2, 2007

America's Surrender of Sovereignty

No border, no nation.
No nation, no citizenship.
No citizenship, no responsibility.
No responsibility, no law.

I can't imagine how it feels to be employed as a United States border patrol agent today but I can imagine that the morale is quite possibly at rock bottom. In the course of doing their job, border patrol agents have been imprisoned and presecuted and more recently have been spit on by an administration who quite clearly lacks the resolve needed in securing our nation's borders. More importantly, during a time when our nation is at war. It wasn't always like that.

As a child I can remember playing near the coastal fortification defenses on Galveston Island and during the summers I would spend time visting my uncle in Weslaco, Texas who worked with the border patrol. My uncle was a rough patriotic man, a gringo who spoke fluent Spanish, had a pistol in his boots and sported a scar on his cheek from a knife fight with a Mexican "coyote". He is gone now but if he was alive today he would be ashamed at our nation's lack of dignity and resolve in defending our sovereignty especially during a during a time of war.

Two years ago I would highlight how our enemies have been taking advantage of our lack of resolve in a post entitled "Al Qaeda Tours and Travel". I can report now that the only thing that has changed recently is that the pace has been quickened with more and more our enemies headed to the both our southern and northern borders in an effort to infiltrate our defenses.

We're racing toward unprecedented catastrophe worse than we could have ever imagined and one that could have fully been prevented if only we had the resolve to do what needed to be done. The solution was simple, deport those who have transgressed our nation's laws and seal the border. Deportation was and is the only solution, because it gives a clear message to the world that we are a nation of laws. Further, it would have discouraged those who would desire to capitalise on our nation's collective "conflict of conscience" that we seem to have in doing what is right and just rather than what is politically expedient. But now it seems to be too late.

Ironically, the billions of dollars we spend on military hardware won't serve to protect us this time from the determined enemy who was able to cross our border completely unhindered. Our sources tell us that Al Qaeda's plans are much more insidious that what was previously thought and that during the late summer of 2008 their intentions will be made painfully clear to us. Al Qaeda intends to influence our 2008 elections. Either the American public supports a "regime change" or we will face the "American Hiroshima".



  1. I'm in favor of a big wall.

  2. The bigger the better. In fact, my congressman originally proposed this idea...

    John O. Sullivan has a great essay in this week's National Review. I'll check ans see if it's online yet....

    yep, here it is:

    Comprehensively Awful

    I thought it might be behind a subscribe wall but they seem to have quit doing that...

    Read particularly Meese's definition of amnesty: it is never meant to include citizenship...

    What we've got is "no immigrant left behind."


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